Frequently Asked Questions:
1. Q: What Style of Karate do you teach?
     A: RyuKyu Kempo. (Pronounced Roo Q) RyuKyu Kempo is an Okinawan
          Style of Karate.

2. Q: Who do I approach if I have a question, comment or a concern about the school?
     A: We certainly appreciate any comments you might have about our school, either
           goo or bad. Comments and suggestions help our school improve on customer
           service. Tha is something that is very important to us. So if you have any
           comments please see or call us at 834-0994.

3. Q: Will Karate turn my child into a bully?
     A: Absolutely not. We teach self defense as a way to get out of or avoid a fight
           situation, and by using pressure points it allows us to do it without causing injury.
           We are herE to put bully's out of business not create them. If you ever feel any
           student is abusing their karate knowledge please let us know immediately.

4. Q: What do the colored stripes on the belts mean?
     A: The colored stripes are a symbol of partially completing your next belt test. These are
          a wonderful tool for keeping students moving up. With each stripe they get, they are getting
          closer to the next belt rank!

5. Q: Are you sure my child is ready to test?
     A: Parents can be the toughest critics when it comes to their child. It is essential
          that students move progressively forward and see they are improving. If they do not,
          they will quickly lose confidence and interest.
          This is also important, DO NOT compare yourself or ESPECIALLY your child to another student.
          It may take some students a shorter period of time to advance than it does other students. Karate
          is a self goal completing activity. The important thing to look at with your child, or yourself,
          is the improvements he/she has made since starting our program, not what other students
          have accomplished before you or your child.

6. Q: What's the point of playing games in Karate class?
     A: Karate is about creating muscle memory so the body can react before the mind.  This requires a lot of
          repitition,  and lets face it repitition can get boring.  So we use different drills to disguise the repitition
         and keep our students enthused so they will continue to black belt & beyond..

7. Q: Why teach Sparring / Sport Karate?
     A: Sparring or Sport Karate is when students get to actually make light physical contact with each other,
          while wearing proper safety gear. Sport Karate is mistaken by many people to be dangerous
          and useless. However, this is not true. It is a great cardiovascular exercise that develops
          timing, blocking, punching, and kicking skills.  It builds self-confidence and is also A LOT of fun!!!
          Sport Karate is at all times closely monitored by an instructor, and students are required
          to wear protective gear to reduce the potential of injury.

8. Q: Why teach Weapons?
     A: It is essential for students to constantly set and achieve goals. That is one of the
          reasons we practice different weapons. Weapons are an exciting addition to your program
         and will build wrist and arm strength as well as further develop a students coordination.
         Students may begin learning weapons In Black Belt Club, and continue to learn more advanced weapons
         in Masters Club, and Elite!

9. Q: What's with the different colored uniforms?
    A: We like to give students different colored uniforms to help signify the different programs they are 
         enrolled in.  This allows them to display their accomplishments. This also gives the student something  
         additional to look forward to.

10. Q: Does Karate involve learning Eastern Religion?
       A: Absolutely Not!
             We are a Christian Based School.
11. Q: How many belts are there and how long does it take to get to black belt?
       A: Each style of karate, and school has thier own belt ranking system, The number of belts is not as
            important as how long it takes a student to reach black belt & beyond.   That being said every student is
            different (based on age & ability).  But on average it will take an adult student minamally 3.5 - 4.5 years to
            1st degree black belt.  Remember 1st degree back belt is only the tip of the iceberg!  There are 10 levels of
            black belt, which is what makes karate an art you can do for a lifetime, and still be able to learn more.